Planning and Consultations



Evan Falck


Desiree has been an absolute pleasure to work with as we moved towards opening our first coffee house. With her knowledge and experience we were able to open what people have been calling, “the nicest coffee shop they’ve ever been in”. I would highly recommend hiring her, even on the smallest of budgets, her help and advice is well worth it. Going forward we plan on opening more stores across Vancouver Island... Desiree was absolutely a key part of our Master Team and continues to be as we grow.


Brian Wasylyk

Project Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Desiree Barton in both commercial and residential settings.
She is exceptional at listening to her clients and creatively suggesting textures, patterns and colours that suit their sensibilities and their budget.
I plan to engage her for all projects that require her considerable talents.

Lilian Olljum


Desiree ‘s warm personality and her sense of balance and design as seen on her website gave me the confidence that she was the one that I would love to collaborate with on my project. 

Desiree really listens to my ideas and concerns and always comes up with solutions. Nothing is ever a problem for Desiree. I truly feel that my satisfaction is paramount and her helpfulness and cheerful acceptance of yet another change never once flustered nor frustrated her! She is subtle in her own suggestions and always gives her reasons for me to consider something I had not thought of before. 

I appreciate her generous time and energy that has gone into this project. 

I would highly recommend Desiree as it has been such a pleasure to work with her and see the amazing results!