Project Spotlight: The Island Grind

Modlux Interiors The Island Grind Campbell River Vancouver Island

As a local business owner, it is always a pleasure to be a part of creating new opportunities in Campbell River, and helping other businesses to flourish. That is what the Island Grind project was for me; an incredible display of teamwork and support that has greatly benefited our city. 1. Team Building I was contacted by Evan Falck and his business partner Robyn Yow to draft building permit drawings and interior design plans for the Island Grind location in Timberline Village. After assessing the size and scope of the project together, we realized that we needed to involve a professional architect. Enter Martin Hagarty, AIBC, who I have worked alongside for a number of years. Martin readily stepped into a project management role, and our team began to take shape. It’s always wonderful to collaborate with other local companies to bring a new business to life, and demonstrates the importance of supporting one another in a small town like Campbell River. Our team of local experts included: * Structural engineer Peter Heidema - Home Structural Inc. * Mechanical engineer Tim Robertson - PEng, Avalon Mechanical Consultants Ltd * Electrical engineer Brian Muir - Muir Engineering * Contractor Kris Bauchman - Sagewood Homes * Contractor Pete McLoughlin - Pete’s HomeWorks * Live-edge Woodwork by Colin Falck - CWF Construction Using VectorWorks Architect, I drafted space plans for approval by the architect, the building representative and the café owners. This ensured that building codes and accessibility issues were fully met.

Modlux Interiors The Island Grind Campbell River Vancouver Island

Martin and I then began work on the building permit drawings, which must be approved by the City in order for the project to move forward. The drawings detail all aspects of the project, and are comprised of several elements:

- Main floor plan – shows interior walls, buildings exits, assemblies and doors

- Specifications with a cross-section illustrating the interior plans

- Lighting plan – this must be reviewed and corroborated by the electrical engineer and electrician for the project.

The building permit document is completed with a map of the site, building codes, project contact information, formal stamps from the project architect and engineers, and a snazzy title page. It is then sent to the City for approval, which was received a few weeks later.

Modlux Interiors The Island Grind Campbell River Vancouver Island

2. A West Coast Interior​

My next step was to begin designing the interior of the space; this was my favourite part! Evan, Robyn and I worked together creatively to come up with a design scheme that would bring their vision to life. We settled on a distinctly West Coast feel, combining elements of industrialism and contemporary design using metal, concrete and fir wood materials.

Every detail was laid out to spec: from millwork drawings showing the beautiful counters and shelves to paint and tile colour choices, as well as window coverings, plumbing fixtures and lighting options.

As with every project I work on, owners Evan and Robyn were continually asked to review the plans as they took shape. This ensured that everybody was on the same page creatively, working towards a shared goal and common vision.

Modlux Interiors The Island Grind Campbell River Vancouver Island

3. Constructing Reality Once the building permits were issued, it was time to roll up our sleeves! The construction phase of the project took 8 weeks to complete from the ground up. Plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, millwork, finishing touches—all of it required incredible teamwork in order to come together. It was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, and every day brought fresh excitement and new challenges. As with every construction project, some hiccups were encountered along the way. Remarkably, we came across very few, and those that arose were dealt with smoothly and professionally. Finally, the last piece of furniture was in its place and the last coat of paint had dried on the wall. Martin called a team meeting, and together with Evan and Robyn we did a final walk-through to inspect our work.

Modlux Interiors The Island Grind Campbell River Vancouver Island

It is always gratifying and extremely humbling to see a project blossom from drawings on paper into a physical reality that will have real impact on people’s lives. Working together to create spaces we can all enjoy and be proud of is the reason I do what I do.

Congratulations to Campbell River’s newest entrepreneurs, Evan and Robyn. I wish you the greatest success.

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