D.I.Y Home Project - Creating A Personalized Gallery Wall

DIY Home Project: Creating a Personalized Gallery Wall

From rustic to eclectic to modern, gallery walls can make a major design statement in your home. A successful gallery wall requires time, planning and patience, but the result is worth it; a beautiful wall featuring your adored photographs, art, prints, and signs. A personalized gallery wall will reflect your life, personality and style. Below are some tips and techniques to create your own personal gallery wall.

What You Need

This project requires a few simple tools that you likely already have on hand:

  • Hammer

  • Nails

  • Tape measure

  • Hard-cover book (for spacing)

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Note pad (for measurements)

  • Camera

Next, the fun part! Collect the pieces that will make up your gallery wall. These can consist of old and new photographs, prints, signs, and paintings. A successful gallery wall showcases a variety of your favourite mediums; however, try to choose pieces with a cohesive color scheme that vary in size.

Frames add an important element of style to your wall. For a clean classic look, choose simple white frames. Mix and match frames using your overall colour scheme for a united impression. Or, frames in assorted colors and styles will highlight each component and give you an added chance to showcase your own personal style. Spray paint, wood stain or chalk paint are easy ways to bring old frames back to life, as well as ensuring you have frame colours that you like.

Moneysaver: print some favourite images, quotes, or art from the Internet.

Design Tips

With the right design principles, a feature gallery wall can become a highlight of your home. As mentioned, a variety of art pieces are key. Next, focus on composition; how the pieces are arranged on the wall is crucial to creating a cohesive look.

Mark a space on the floor identical to the wall space you have to work with. This will allow you to mix, match, and rearrange the elements until you find the perfect layout.

Begin by placing your largest piece off center to avoid drawing direct attention to it. If you don’t have a single large piece, you can place two pieces similar in size beside each other, this will give the appearance of one larger piece. Drawing the eye off center is a design trick that helps viewers take in the entire wall.

From here, build out with smaller pieces, keeping even spacing between each element. Try to achieve line closure, which means the same amount of space all the way around each piece. This is where the hardcover book comes in handy! Use your book to ensure that the spacing remains consistent between pieces. And as you move outwards, larger gaps can enhance the overall wall. Follow your instincts as to what looks good.

Pro-tip: once you have established your layout, take a picture! This will allow you to continually remind yourself of your goal and ensure that you are on the right track. Final Assembly

When you are ready to transfer your pieces to their home on the wall, call a friend! It is helpful to hang the pieces while somebody stands back to check each one is level, evenly spaced and in the perfect position. Refer to your picture often to keep yourself on track, measure twice and keep that hardcover book handy.

A personalized gallery wall can add character, color, texture and personality to your home space. With the right wall and a little time, planning, and patience, your gallery wall can enhance your home space while allowing you to creatively showcase your own beautiful self!

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