~ Part 1 ~


In 2015, I started MODLUX INTERIORS and my goal was to create a business that

tied together two passions of mine; interior design & retail. I worked hard for 6-months planning, preparing, and executing the company vision with a lot of welcome aid and advice along the way. April 2016 ~ enter MODLUX INTERIORS grand opening!!

When I opened Modlux Interiors, I was surprised by the high demand for interior design, not just locally but all over Vancouver Island and the mainland. I quickly found myself

torn between the design and the retail, as both required my full-time attention to thrive. I found that I wasn’t able to give my best self to either side of the company which is what the business and my clients deserved. The time had come to make a choice between the two divisions and no pros/cons list was required. My passion has and always will be - design.

It wasn't a difficult decision to re-route the company direction since it allows me to focus

on my love for design and gives me the ability to expand my business. It also gives me more free time to spend with my family who has seen me working 6-7 days a week for the past 3 years only coming up for air when there was an event or illness.

As for timeline ~ doors will close on the retail store July 2nd. We will be selling off the

existing stock (consignment pieces excluded) starting Monday, May 7 th at 15% discount

and increasing 5% discount per week until the final weekend (Canada Day). Here’s the

gamble ~ if you have your eyes on a particular item, you can wait until it gets to your

preferred discount price, however; we won’t be holding anything and we won’t be

getting any more in so the risk is someone else will snatch it up before you get the opportunity to add it to your collection of ML pieces!!

To my loyal customers: endless thank-you’s for your patronage, smiling faces, and

developed friendships. We really have had an amazing 2 years in the retail business but

to serve you better, I had to narrow my focus as there was only so much of me to go

around. Each morning opening the store never felt like a job, it was always a happy

place to hang out for the day and chat with good friends.

As I have been eluding to in Part 1, there is a Part 2 to the whole process which I am SO excited about… drum roll please…

~ Part 2 ~


On July 3 rd , we will start transforming the unit into a cooperative studio workspace.

There will only be 4 spots available to interested parties who are looking to have a

professional work/meeting space with a minimal commitment. Those interested can

contact me directly for details.


~ Desiree

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